Dylan Longbottom:("Dylan Shapes Surfboards") 

Big Wave Charger: ‘For me travelling all around the World surfing the heaviest waves and going to many isolated areas with nothing available it is crucial I carry the Surf Aid Kit.

Father: Not just for myself but also for my teenage daughter Summa, who is now charging, and my other surf buddies just in case we have any minor injuries.

Adventurer: We travel and surf a lot in tropical areas where infections are quite bad so we can treat ourselves quite easily with these kits and be self sufficient.

Worker: Being a surfboard shaper I also carry one in my work van for me and my workers at our factories as our first aid kit just in case of any minor cuts and stuff during work’

Gabi White: (Mum, Doctor, Outdoor Enthusiast) 

"These first aid kits are comprehensive and great quality. They have everything you need to successfully administer first aid, ensuring abrasions, cuts, burns, sprain/strains and other injuries are dealt with immediately to improve the end outcome. Furthermore the kit itself is easy to use and duel purpose. Brilliant to have handy to keep first aid equipment, basic medication and your toiletries. I highly recommend them."