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We are both extremely fortunate, being born in a country like Australia is like winning the lotto.

We grew up experiencing wild and rugged places that are packed with surfing and natural raw beauty. Places like the South West, Gnaraloo, Cape Arid (and everywhere in between ;) 

On top of that I can still remember scoring $147 return tickets to Indo on the regular!

Surfing to us is about the whole journey that comes with it. The camping, adventure, mates, family time, shit talk around a campfire, nature, fishing, diving, boating and of course the waves or beaches that we get to call home for a while!

With these sorts of interests it was only inevitable that we payed the price of hunting waves.

We used to travel with a first aid kit but it was completely useless, mum packed me one when I was about 16 and I hadn't re stocked it once since then... I would push my cuts and infections to the absolute level. Coming home from a couple weeks surf tripping often resulted in another couple of weeks of painful recovery, swollen red reef cuts that felt like they now encompassed half my foot was the norm. 

It took a particularly savage trip to Gnaraloo where I stubbed both big toes (frothing out at a tombies rollercoaster) managed to bust my heel up at the bluff on high tide and then neglected everything until they turned into sea ulcers and I arrived back home to limp around at work for 2 weeks.

I realised that while injuries happen and surfing is a dangerous sport, this part of it was unnecessary, finally I was over it!

We started looking into buying a first aid kit and keeping it stocked, but nothing good was available. I remember walking into a pharmacy and picking up a cheap little first aid kit, I opened it up to check out what it was packing and everything fell out, everything looked cheap and useless and when I say everything it was also overwhelmingly inadequate (but still managed to cost $49 or something stupid). To make matters worse I couldn't zip it back up properly without it coming apart in my hands. 

This was when Surf Aid Kits was born, it is an idea started by two surfers and adventure lovers from Western Australia. 

We decided to create first aid that was designed by surfers, for surfers. It should become something that helps surfers out and provides surfers with an option that is worth taking on a road trip. In reality we just wanted to be able to give our mates and family something that would come in handy and they would want to use and take with them. 

Our mission became to provide a high quality, functional and purpose built first aid kit that gives every surfer the opportunity to easily take first aid that is relevant on surf trips. 

Basically we were going to design a tough high quality kit that should last and survive on surf trips, it should be capable of copping some weather and sand, it should be thrown around and it should have;
- labels so that we can see what has been used and what is missing
- separate compartments so everything is tucked away nicely
- items that are practical and handy but not necessarily "first aid supplies"
- the capacity to pack surfing goods in so that we aren't lugging 5 different bags around with us

We also realised that the kits needed to have the capacity to be personalised, everyone is different, everyone has preferences and we wanted people to be able to use these kits in whatever way suits them!

Chuck it in the Car 
Leave it on the Boat
Clip it to the Jetski
Split it up (Detach the fin bag) 
Wack it in the Board Bag

We just wanted this kit to become a surf trip essential. We wanted people to think surfboard, wetty, Surf Aid Kit. We know surfers and we know they are not all going to buy a first aid kit, no matter how cheap or practical we can make them, but the more out there the more likely that if someone is injured, someone around them might have some first aid and this could be the difference!

When I go on a surf trip I want to know that I have everything I need for a fun surfing/camping adventure AND it's a bonus because I'm covered (and whoever I'm with) for when shit goes wrong, I don't need to think about that but I know it is there if I need it. 



The feedback has been epic and validates what we are doing here, we are NOT trying to sell something cheap and quick, we are striving to establish a long standing and high quality brand that gives back to the community that we love so much. 

If you have any queries or want to get in touch feel free to reach out 

-Swing us an email:
-Drop us a line: 0479 071 686
-Check us out on facebook or instagram: @SURFAIDKITS

We also have a free ebook that walks you through plenty of common surfing related injuries step by step. You can download it for free or check out or blog posts!

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