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How To Avoid Surfing Rash and Easy Treatments

Preventing Surf Rash 

One of the worst things about a surf trip to the tropics is surfing rash. 

You get super excited about surfing in boardies and then by day 2 you can hardly tolerate it anymore. 

 So what do you do?

Prevention is key. If you are going to be wearing boardies for the first time in a while consider the following

- You will get bruised ribs
-Wherever sticks out on your body will probably cop rash

*If you are in a wetty here are the most common places you will likely cop rash 
Surfing Rash

What YOU can do:
- Put rigid strapping tape (supplied in our kits) across your stomach in sections where you think you are likely to cop it, do this the first couple of surfs and you will get less bruised and no rash which keeps you out there for longer and in better shape!!!

If you are reading this through the eyes of ol captain hindsight then unfortunately you probably look like this:

Surf Rash

- The best treatment I have found is paw paw ointment, it can literally heal it (take the sting out) over night BUT be careful if you are going out in the sun with it on, it acts like cooking oil…

- You can also apply vaseline to sore areas but be careful not to get it everywhere before surfing, it’s slippery...


Cheers and Stay Safe

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