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Tourniquet meaning and how to properly apply a tourniquet

How to properly apply a tourniquet: These are easy to follow steps which show the best tourniquet method. Tourniquet meaning or tourniquet definition is a device that stops the flow of blood from a vein or artery by compressing a limb with a tourniquet (cord or tight bandage). You may have seen tourniquet surf leash or we have this basic tourniquet for sale (FREE WITH OUT SURF AID KITS - first aid kits for surfers) You never expect it until it happens, be prepared, the more people that carry these the better!

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Sea Ulcers Treatment

Sea Ulcers are a common surfing related injury. Have you ever looked down at your foot and had to choose between waves and healing? If not then you're lucky (or you haven't pushed it hard enough with reef cuts hard ;) and if so then check out our sea ulcers treatment infographic for a series of easy to follow, simple and practical steps to get you on the mend and back in the surf!

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How to treat cut from coral reef

How to treat coral reef cuts 101: These are easy to follow steps which show the best treatment for coral reef cuts. It includes what to do when you get a cut from coral reef and how to clean coral reef cuts properly in order to prevent coral reef cut infection from keeping you out of the water! Ever woken up at night with your foot throbbing? Ever felt the skin tighten around a red inflamed wound? You don't need to...

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