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Sea Urchin In Foot

What to do when you have a Sea Urchin in foot or feet!

How it looks: Quite often it looks like a splinter, a dot OR if you have it bad like I did in South Africa, it looks like a cluster of black dots...either way it isn't always as obvious as a splinter and it can appear to be well below the surface of the skin, especially if you don't realise straight away.

The photo below shows you what it could look like, you might have just one of these dots, or many more all clustered together!

Sea Urchin In Foot

What to do:

  1. You need to get a bowl of warm to hot water (don’t burn yourself) and soak your foot in this, you can add vinegar to help dissolve spikes and loosen the skin 
  2. After the skin has had time to loosen and soften use our tweezers to remove any spikes.
  3. If tweezers don't work you may need to use a splinter probe OR if like many travellers you don't have one of these then sterilise one of our needles (use boiling water or heat it until it is red hot and then use one of our alcohol wipes to remove any black char).
  4. Use the needle or probe to dig around and open up the foot so that all spikes are exposed, you may have to imagine digging and scratching at it until it is more easily removed (ouch, get a mate!) 
  5. Make sure you use a torch (like the one on our multitool) to check closely that nothing is left in your foot
  6. Urchin’s produce a venom so make sure you check what types of urchins you have in your local foot stomping area (some can be really nasty and require medical attention)  
  7. Take anti-inflammatories for pain and keep the wound clean to avoid further infection (you can always cover it with our Non-woven Adhesive Tape)

Tip: Keep the site moist, as it dries out it will tighten and become painful, also this may help any spikes remaining to make there way to the surface over night (always have another look) 

You need your feet to surf, infected and poorly treated urchin wounds will keep you out of the surf while its pumping. Always better to get them out before they break off more or bury deeper down!


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