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Sea Ulcers Treatment

Sea ulcers treatment Sea ulcers treatment 2What are Sea Ulcers?

They start as a minor scrape and then develop into a deep circular wound with tough skin around it.

Common on feet, ankles and backs of hands due to poor blood supply and lack of good circulation.

Fact: If you are a diabetic or someone with circulation problems, you may get these easier/more often.

Sea ulcers treatment 3EVERY TIME YOU SURF or get wet
-You wash the protective scab away 
- You allows sand and grit to get in and rub away at soft tissue
- The ocean is full of bacteria which can set up shop causing you additional grief/infection.

Sea Ulcer treatment

- Stay out of the sea (I KNOW)
-at least for a little while. It could take two weeks or longer to noticeably improve, but each
dry day will help. If a classic swell comes, put antibiotic ointment on it, a well-padded bandage, and wear a booty. 

Sea ulcers treatment 5Sea ulcers treatment 6Sea ulcers treatment 7Sea ulcers treatment 8If you are going to surf, be smart about it...
-Don’t stand around wet, talking to your friends after. -Quickly rinse with freshwater (warm if can for circulation)
-Get it meticulously clean. 
-Dry it, using the sun or a blow drier.
-Surf once not twice for a few days...

Try using tumeric powder.
-It is a natural antibiotic/anti inflammatory
- It is also usually accessible 
- it is a powder so it is great for drying out the wound!!

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