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How to treat cut from coral reef

How to fix or treat reef cuts, fixing reef cuts, why reef cuts don’t healHow to Treat Coral Reef Cuts: 

Super annoying cuts that start out small, get left unattended (because they are tiny right) and then all of a sudden you wake up in the middle of the night and the feet are throbbing, infection is now REAL...

Items for treating reef cuts, fixing reef cuts, what do I need to fix reef cutsIt's not rocket science, in fact it's a dead easy routine you just need to get in the habit of doing!

Depending on where you are, there are multiple things you can use as a steriliser (CLEAN) and antiseptic (CURE)

Cleaning reef cuts, sterilizing reef cutsWhat to cover reef cuts with, covering reef cuts, healing reef cuts

Most People remember to rinse and remove, but if you have any loose skin cut it away, it traps dirt and bacteria and lets them live there!

Don't forget to sterilise BEFORE putting antiseptic on or it is waaaay less effective.

TIP 1: let the area around the wound dry before applying cover.

Quite often we go through all this trouble and 

1. don't have anything to cover with (ran out or didn't bring...) 
2. Can't be bothered/forget while letting
the wound dry.

What to avoid when cleaning reef cuts, what not to do reef cutsTIP 2: 

There is poo everywhere on the roads in Indo, this can lead to lots of other nasty infections or diseases if you walk around with open sores...

Reef cuts what not to do, healing reef cuts, fixing reef cuts

These are some tips based on my past experiences! 

I have had some nasty infections from forgetting to sterilise AND sutures or stitches can go horribly wrong, be careful where and from who you get them!

First aid kit for surfers

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